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Maison Louis Quatorze: Today

Today, Mr. Jeon, President of TaeJin International, is re-energizing and re-focusing the brand by returning it to its French origins in terms of style, design, manufacturing quality and operational management.

The new design and development team began work last summer on the opening collection at the re-established Paris office, located at the Hotel de Retz. Perpetuating the passion for French and European artisanship that saw the birth of the brand, Louis Quatorze has thus returned to France for a renaissance devoted to style and energy.

The first new collection to arrive was Autumn/Winter 2009. Bearing the name Collection 00, it embodies a well defined world through a complete and structured range of accessories, from scarves to bags via jewelry, passementerie, gloves and umbrellas. Each of these products has been manufactured exclusively in France or Europe.

See the 2016 autumn/winter collection.

Photos & text Copyright Louis Quartorze, Courtesy Pressing.

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Maison Louis Quatorze: Today + Paul Barrate