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Le Temps des Cerises & Japan Rags

Originally “Le Temps des Cerises” was a song written in 1866 and associated with the short-lived workers’ movement in France called the Paris Commune.

Today in France, Le Temps des Cerises is the brainchild of father and son duo Gil Richardiere and Lylian: father—a former jeans antique dealer in the 80’s; son—fashion designer.

Rooted in all that is vintage, the urban brand abounds in faded, weathered, and worn items. This thrift store culture is also applied to the men’s line, Japan Rags.

Recently the label has taken on “green” concerns with an eye to preserving the environment with responsible manufacturing, waterless techniques in denim treatment, and nontoxic gas processes.

The jeans are distributed through a network of thousand dealers across the globe.

Have a look at the collection.

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Le Temps des Cerises & Japan Rags + Men's Fashion