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Keeping in Step with Globalization: Michael Schumacher & NAVYBOOT

With the advance of globalization, there is an imminent risk that brand names and labels are becoming increasingly ordinary, taking on the same look and feel and, thus, less desirable.
So I have been asking myself the question: “In such a global setting, how can emerging menswear designers differentiate themselves and—moreover—prevent themselves from appearing ordinary?”
As I have been pouring over thousands of designs from designers around the world, I am discovering that the the answer lies in two words: “Cultural Heritage.”
More and more designers are exalting cultural heritage, which not only makes their brand stand out from the crowd but also appeals to the specific and targeted local market.
Besides the importance of cultural branding and market research based on demographics, this trend introduces topics of history, archeology, ethnicity, traditions, and the sociological factors that come into play when specific groups interpret pop culture.
“Heavy stuff,” you sigh? I agree: in order to stay relevant today, we do have to do our homework! Take, for example, the Swiss premium brand NAVYBOOT.
In preparation for the Formula 1 weekend in Shanghai this weekend, NAVYBOOT is launching on April 16 the star boot entitled MSONE, which is based on the Chinese lucky number “8.”
The edition is limited to 88 pairs, which are made of 18-carat gold and water-snake leather at a cost of 5,000 Euros and accompanied by a book signed by Michael Schumacher.
If you are turned off by the growing uniformity in menswear trends, be encouraged, because there is an undercurrent of creativity that is overthrowing the norm!
See the shoe here!
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Keeping in Step with Globalization: Michael Schumacher & NAVYBOOT + Swiss fashion designers