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House Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The new spring and summer collection from House refers to various eras and trends in fashion. The designers took cues from both the Victorian era and from the 1950s and 1970s by the handful to create an eclectic and diverse mix for the approaching season.

The masculine part of the collection defines by the summer climate and journey mood. The washed-out jeans and faded overprints in the retro style prevail. The V-necked clothes, T-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts that are often tied up with buttons are especially fashionable and can notice the Western climate in snap-fastened pockets of shirts or inserts of denim. It also includes military elements such as trenches with double-breasted clasps and epaulettes, or combat pants with large, reinforced pockets.

The surfer and Hawaiian style in beach shorts and overprints referring to faded Polaroids will be dominant this summer. As usual, House made sure that the accessories matched. They can be either rock style: chains and hobnails; or typical for the journey: capacious bags, jewelry made of wood and straps, and vintage sneakers, or surfer-style Japanese sandals.

About House

House is a youth fashion brand that is addressed to the wide range of people who value their relations to their peers and good ways of spending their free time. It is also an offer to those who find music to be a source of inspiration and an integrated part of their lives. Currently House has 280 stores in Poland and abroad.

Clubbing Boy: The men's line is for those who like to attain others' attention, looking for new forms, colors and overprints in clothing. Experimenting with one's own looks refers currently to fashionable accessories such as belts, hats, colorful underwear, designer bags, and author shoes treated as gadgets.

Urban College: The second men's line characterizes in urban style combined with classical elements. It is designed for those who value quality, vintage style in clothes and subtle references to current trends.

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House Spring/Summer 2016 Collection + Polish fashion designers