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Denham Goes Old School with Denham Service Co.

“Newly opened… A fully bespoke denim service by DENHAM”

Jason and the team at Denham are thrilled at the slow and steady re-emergence of craftsmanship in the world of denim. Artisan operations are just beginning to appear on the radar, inspiring renewed interest in fundamental quality and reigniting real appreciation for the joys of long-term denim ownership for a new generation.
Having tested the waters with their Blue Salad Bar two years ago, Denham is now ready to reveal their unique take on the in-store atelier concept; the team at Denham has integrated each key element of their label’s basic premise of worshipping tradition while destroying convention to realize their contemporary vision on bespoke tailoring.
The newly opened Service Co. is directly adjacent to the Denham Store at 495 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam’s nine streets neighborhood. The space was laid-out by Jason, “the Jeanmaker” himself, and perfectly reflects his idea of the ultimate bespoke work wear atelier.
The crowning glory of the space is the new in-house Service Centre allowing Denham customers access to all the support required for what should be the long rewarding journey between quality jean and passionate jean-wearing; leg-shortening, fit alteration, hand-washing and tear-repair. These are the operations that contribute the character and texture as a Virgin denim transforms into a perfectly broken in one-of-a-kind jean over months and years of wearing.
Before Denham could offer the restoration of individual blue jeans, they had to oversee the acquisition and restoration of the individual sewing machines best suited to the task. Working with local specialists and procuring vintage machines from the US and Germany, Denham’s artisanal arsenal now includes: Each machine has been restored and re-housed within a row of modern workstations making it easy to interact directly with customers while providing the ultimate environment for jeanscraft.
Since the journey from unworn to worn-in can’t start without a fresh pair, the space is also home to the Virgin denim collection, with a full range of unwashed Japanese denim jean models on offer. Denham’s Virgin denim program represents their gold-standard for unwashed denim and symbolizes the beginning of a highly individual journey each jean buyer travels from moment a pristine pair is taking home for the first time, to the pleasure of sliding into a uniquely worn-in favorite months later.
Aside from selling the complete Virgin denim collection, services can be provided with turn-around times.
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Denham Goes Old School with Denham Service Co. + UK fashion designers