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2EROS: Two Zeros & the God of Love!

Australian swimwear line, 2EROS, was launched by Jason Hoeung, who differentiates his brand on the basis of quality and unique, eye-catching designs.
2EROS is designed for the male physique, accentuating and flattering maleness to suite all his potential needs.
Whether you pronounce the brand ‘zeros’ or to Eros’, you will find the two zeros within the logo, symbolizing the male assets.
Meanwhile, the Greek god of love, Eros, represents sexuality, male virility, and passion! So, “to the god of love” on the beach, at the pool party, or wherever!
If you are looking for slick, clean-cut designs, then 2EROS is the brand for you!
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Photos Copyright 2EROS, Courtesy OThree.

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2EROS: Two Zeros & the God of Love! + swimwear