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Trunk Club—Painless Shopping for Men

Some men equate clothes shopping with the pain that is inflicted in a cardiac catheterization. Some men would rather pass a kidney stone before hitting the local mall.

Then, again, there are other men who enjoy shopping for clothes, but their busy schedules just will not permit it.

Well, if you fit into either category but need to look your best for work and play, there is new hope—Trunk Club.

Trunk Club lays out five easy steps for you to look your best and with the least amount of fuss:

1. Talk With Your Trunk Club Expert

Have a brief conversation on the phone or over email with your expert stylist about your clothing needs and preferences.

2. Receive A “Trunk” Of Clothes Picked Just For You

Receive a trunk via FedEx filled with outfits, hand-selected for you by your expert from our inventory. Shipping is free both ways.

3. Try Everything On

Your expert is available anytime to answer questions about outfitting and discuss feedback on what works for you. It’s easy for us to follow up on new sizes or styles.

4. Return Anything You Don’t Want

A pre-paid FedEx label is included in every trunk. Return shipping is free: You only pay for the clothes you keep.

5. Request New Clothes Anytime

We get better at serving you over time as we get to know you. Just give your expert a call or drop a quick email when you’d like to see new options. Same deal always applies: Keep only what you like, free shipping both ways.

What’s important, you will receive lots of advice in your selections so that you not only look “together” but also in style.

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Trunk Club—Painless Shopping for Men + Men's Fashion