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Heutchy—A Nice Story about Shoes…and More

Heutchy is the brainchild of Wells Stelberger, who aims at designing timeless footwear for men, who desire attire-appropriate shoes for any time of the day.

Wells draws inspiration from the photos of Bruce Davidson, who in the 50’s captured the life and times of young Brooklyn boys.

Several designers that appear on Men’s Fashion by Mark collaborate with Heutchy, such as Timo Weiland, Shipley and Halmos, and Native Son.

The name Heutchy is the last name of Wells’ maternal grandfather, whom he never met but wishes to honor through this line.

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Photos spring/summer 2001 collection , Copyright Heutchy, Courtesy CJ Swanton PR.

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Heutchy—A Nice Story about Shoes…and More + Wells Stelberger