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Tom Rebl Autumn/Winter 2016

For autumn/winter 2016, Italy-based German designer Tom Rebl has prepared a collection that reflects his first collection, “Shocking Radiance,” which he debuted in 2007.
The 2016 autumn/winter collection is true to his name—surrealistic and appealing to the subconscious, so that menswear becomes an extension of the personality.
Detailing, high quality fabrics, unique treatment and finishing are all signature items of Tom Rebl collections.
True, Tom Rebl collections may strike you as rebelliously shocking; at the same time, you must admit—they radiate with creativity and keen eye on the most recent trends on runways around the world. Revel in more shots of the rebel.

Photos Copyright Tom Rebl.

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Tom Rebl Autumn/Winter 2016 + Tom Rebl