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Snake and Dagger: Experts in Denim

Edgy London-based denim brand Snake and Dagger look to cement their place as innovators in the world of denim.

For autumn/winter 2016 they have pushed the boundaries in applying new wash and finishing techniques to the traditional material of Japanese Selvedge Denim.

One such piece is the beautiful garment dyed grey denim, which has also had the treatment of grey reflective paint which only becomes visible during night time.

The brand maintains it core principals of only selecting Japanese Selvedge Denim from small boutique mills.

With the denim being the start of all the design process and chosen to getter better with wear and age.

Autumn/winter 2016 continues with the theme of mixing the clean with heavily distressed denim. It also heralds the introduction of denim shorts in the Five Pacer fit plus a new fit specifically for Chinos the Fer De Lance.

The three core fits in jeans Rock Viper (Skinny), Five Pacer (Slim straight leg) and Blue Krait (Blue Krait) have been maintained and well received.

Brand History

Snake and Dagger is the brain child of Bayo Lasaki and Roy Westfield. Starting with the core of any contemporary man’s wardrobe, the two embarked on a two year journey of discovery, tracing the route to find the world’s best denim and jeans manufacturers.

Exploring many of the denim-producing countries around the world, the journey led them to Japan. It was here that they were shown the art of denim creation learning and working with masters.

Roy explains, “Spending time at the denim mills and wash houses gave us the ability to appreciate and understand the complexity of denim, you can’t learn that in a classroom”.

Equipped with the knowledge of Japanese denim production, the pair have set about creating a core denim line that represents their influence and style.

The name Snake and Dagger is derived from the historical symbol of a snake coiled around a dagger. An artistic symbol which has managed to transcend throughout time, signifying above all values of strength and honor.

Check out the 2016 autumn/winter collection.
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