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Raun Larose Speaks from the Heart

My inspiration for the collection came from a book I had read titled “Time Traveler” by Dr Ronald Mallet, published in 2007.

I was fascinated by the author’s vision of creating a time machine that could visit both past and future.

After reading the book I formed this character in my mind, the young man who is a risk taker and wants to lead his generation into the future that is before us.

Although he sometimes looks to the past his mind is focused on the future and what it has in store.

As a Designer I want to represent progression. I don't want to go backwards. I think fashion is and should always be about moving forward.

I love and admire the past in which many great designers paved the way, but I want to speak to a new generation of men.

I have a passion for tailored clothing but I also like to leave room for question. I want to take people on a journey through my collections, let them explore a different side of life or even take them on an imaginative journey.

As a designer growing up in Brooklyn I was heavily surrounded by street fashion and that genre of fashion. I began sewing at age sixteen and decided to attend school at age twenty.

My mom, who was a seamstress, would sew gowns for a few high end clients. High end was her specialty. She taught me about the quality of luxury and design. I didn't realize until this collection how much of an impact she had made on me.

I enrolled in the Art institute of NY where I was majoring in Women's wear. After about a year of school I decided that Menswear was my true passion. I withdrew from Art institute and Enrolled in FIT, where I took menswear design courses as well as tailoring. Shortly after I started the label and have been working on it ever since.

I wasn't inspired by any designer in particular, but some designers that I find inspiring are Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy), Phillip Lim, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent (Women's), and Raf Simon's. I feel that they represent the future of Menswear.

As a menswear designer I want men to see the beauty within themselves. I want them to look and feel masculine, but still exude a certain type of confidence than cannot be defined. I want to represent quality fit and originality.

My collection is being produced here in NY. I work very carefully and closely with my sample makers to make sure that the attention to specific detail meets my standard and to also ensure that the fit is just right.

Have a look at the 2016 autumn/winter collection.

Photos & Text Raun Larose.

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Raun Larose Speaks from the Heart + US fashion designers