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Moonchild: E.C.H.O.E.S Debut Collection

Epic Crusade Healing Our Egotic Soul

Brought into this world in 2016 by Pascale Koehl—stylist and head of collections within the brand APRIL77 for 7 years—MOONCHILD is a lunar child.

His head is in the stars but his feet are firmly rooted in the ground.

In a disenchanted world, where unstoppable consumerism has lost all meaning, he invokes magic where it was least expected, at the mysterious crossroads of geography, history, concept and imagination.

MOONCHILD is a merger between postmodern Europe and the Peruvian traditional communities within which all garments are handmade.

Between innovative design and the ancestral knowledge of the Andes Incas.

Between the futuristic vision of a new Odyssey and Native American myths and legends. Both ancient and timeless; aspiring to a fantasized future.

Between Western silhouettes and shapes that are embedded in our collective imagination: like the reinterpretation of the tutelary Poncho figure through the prism of retro-futuristic psychedelic folk.

“Echoes” (FW11-12) is the first chapter in this epic mystical journey. Made entirely from 100% natural Alpaca fiber.

In its quest for the alliance of Beauty and Good, MOONCHILD guarantees respect for the environment and the proper treatment of all animals used for shearing, as well as fair wages and consideration for the rights of all knitters and weavers working hand in hand with the brand.

MOONCHILD works hard to respect and promote the cultural heritage, craft and environment of everyone associated with the brand.

Existential commitments and poetic values that will heal our souls!

Epic Crusade Healing Our Egotic Soul.

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Moonchild: E.C.H.O.E.S Debut Collection + Pascale Koehl