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Mik Cire: Exclusive Interview with Eric Kim

The following interview was conducted between Eric Kim and Mark backstage at Mercedes Fashion Week in New York, just prior to the Mik Cire runway show, Saturday, February 12, 2016.

Eric, it is great to see you again! The last time we met, you told me that you wanted to return to the basics. Have you accomplished this goal within this past year since your debut collection?

Yeah, to a certain degree. With the economic climate, it puts a lot of pressure on the business side of things, in the fact that I do run the operations. It makes it a little different than just being a designer where all I have to think about is design.

But, yeah, I am still going with the same theory. I still believe in the same things. You know, I want to do what I want to do. Regardless to whatever the industry is doing, I want to do what I want to do.

Last year you mentioned that the inspiration of your debut collection was the WWI Dough Boy. Your 2016 spring/summer collection seemed like a deconstructed version of that... Could you elaborate on that collection?

It’s all about comfort in that season. You know, I’m definitely a form and function guy, coming from a big active wear collection. Spring/summer for me was just a lot of form and function.

How about the 2016 autumn/winter collection tonight?

Once again, tailoring is my roots, so I like everything to fit extremely well, extremely fitted. But coming across that issue is the function of everything. You know, you are very restricted to what you can do, movement, and so forth.

So we created what we call the “flex seam” and we put in elastic inside the seaming, which allows everything to give so that you could have a much tailored look but still be able to move.

Especially when you are using cashmeres and high-end fabrics, you can’t add stretch in the actual weaving of the fabric, unless it is manufactured that way. To compensate for that, we put it in the seams.

Where have you found the best reception of your new label?

It’s definitely more on the East Coast; it’s definitely more overseas—they’re a little bit more forward. Obviously the West Coast is more cookie cut. The East Coast is more pushing the threshold.

I’m curious, where overseas…Europe…like London?

You got it!

You told me that you are an adrenaline junkie… So, what has given you your adrenaline rush within the last year?

You know, I used to race downhill mountain bikes. I got back into that this year. So, getting back into my cardio, getting back physically fit—I think are the biggest things for me.

Any closing words for the readers of my magazine in Egypt?

Nothing is going to power up to what has just gone on… The fact that the regime, that he stepped down, is a good thing…as long as the people are happy, I guess.

As far as fashion is concerned, it is truly—I always believe—that it is your own identity. Don’t let anyone dictate that for you. It’s whatever you feel comfortable wearing. You know, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, probably you shouldn’t be wearing it.

I don’t ever really tell anyone they should look a certain way. That’s your personal identity. So, just be yourself, whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Eric, thank you…it has been great!

Have a look at the entire 2016 autumn/winter runway collection.

Photos Copyright Mik Cire.

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Mik Cire: Exclusive Interview with Eric Kim + US fashion designers