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Leitmotiv: Amusement Parks & Dreams

Part of the affirmation by Rem Koolhass “Meanwhile I make you dream” is the inspiration that gives life to the imagery of the City of Dreams in the 2016 spring/summer collection by Leitmotiv.

It is influenced by the evocative atmosphere of urban landscapes and the tendency to upgrade these areas to set up new scenarios.

The collection offers a wide selection of items that express the casual soul and, at the same time, the sophistication of the brand.

The prints remain the strong point and confirm their charm and their expressive power.

The collection makes explicit reference to the amusement park, a city of dreams and toys that Leitmotiv proposes like a projection of a fictional world, imagined—between reality and fantasy—where they cling and project our visions.

That of the amusement park is a magical kingdom, colorful, yet at the same time disturbing: masks and faces reflected in some of the prints—they smile and scare, lending themselves to multiple readings.

The playful architecture of an amusement park is enhanced through the prints of the brand and the poetics of ambivalence between past and future, turbid and reassuring, and analog and digital as they unfold in full in the collection.

Classical figures alternate with silhouettes of contemporary pop on a stage of a touring show.

The world of the amusement park involves you in its ephemeral space, almost a parallel reality, which results in a jacquard print: a vortex of lines that captures and hypnotizes.

The typical male neckwear fabric is deconstructed and represented as the background pixels that make up the amusement park through a form of strongly iconic references: horses, swans, wheels, and amazed visitors.

Have a look at the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Leitmotiv.

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Leitmotiv: Amusement Parks & Dreams + Men's Fashion