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Damat/Tween at Istanbul Fashion Week: “Limited Edition”

ORKA group, the dynamic fashion house of one of the world’s highly sought after brands, has just put on another spectacular fashion show of the Damat Tween brands hosted at Santral İstanbul, for the Istanbul Fashion Week 2016.

Thinking about a “limited” collection to underline the essential pieces for celebrations, special parties, and gatherings, Damat/Tween created a timeless and extraordinary collection that will eternize the unforgettable memories of our lives.

Designed for young and dynamic men that are experiencing their first excitements in life, ties made of unusual materials such as leather or knits and accessories combined with metal details replace conservative neckties.

As essentials of a gentleman’s wardrobe, shoes come forward as the distinctive pieces of the collection. Made of suede, leather and velvet reflecting the color palette of the whole collection, these shoes are perfected with bindings and special embroidery. A variety of velvet bowties, ties and vests that appeal to a wide variety of personal style preferences will be the favorite pieces of the season.

The combination of midnight colors such as saxe, ruby and dark green with surprising materials adds on to the distinctive characteristics of Damat Tween’s “Limited Edition” collection.

See the entire runway collection.
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Damat/Tween at Istanbul Fashion Week: “Limited Edition” + Tween