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ASOS Spring/Summer 2016

The Ivy League and preppy style saw itself worm its way back into the limelight and wardrobes of the high street to the avant-garde style conscious male in 2016 and doesn’t seem to be planning on going away again anytime soon.

For spring/summer 2016 the staple of any preppy look takes centre stage, the letterman jacket. A versatile piece of outerwear that has truly stood the test of time that can be adapted to any modern outfit.

For spring/summer 2016 Lavenham Jackets have produced a unique take on the Letterman jacket called the Hazel Jacket, a lighter quilted alternative take on a design classic.

Button through and contrast sleeves tick all the familiar boxes that make up the perfect letterman style jacket.

Lavenham have got their prep down to a tee.

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