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Aprill 77 in the Black Hills for Spring/Summer 2016

APRIL77 creates jeans inspired by youth movements and denim history.
All APRIL77 clothes feature a code to download exclusive tracks from artists and bands we love.
Black Hills are the mountain range in South Dakota and Wyoming, USA, which contains some of the highest mountain peaks of North America.
The name originates with the Lakota Native Indians, who called the region Pahá Sápa (literally, ‘Black Hills’) for their dark color.
Although Native Americans inhabited the mountains since 7000 BC, the Lakota took the area from the Cheyenne Native Indians in 1776.
But upon the discovery of gold in 1874, the European Americans moved the Native Indians to reservations.
The menswear collection is modeled by Aussie model, Jethro Cave, son of Aussie musician Nick Cave.
This is the backdrop of the 2016 spring/summer collection of April 77, the denim brand that draws inspiration from youth movements and history.

April77 - Spring Summer 2016 - Jethro Cave and Sophie Willing from April77 on Vimeo.

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Aprill 77 in the Black Hills for Spring/Summer 2016 + Men's Fashion