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Wrangler Spring Summer 2016: Retro Graphic T-shirts

For spring /summer 2016, Wrangler introduces a range of retro graphic t-shirts using archive campaign imagery.

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s infamous “On the Road”, the spring/summer collection takes you to a journey through America and Wrangler’s colorful history with these retro print T-shirts.

Reflecting on the brand’s True American spirit, and its roots in Rodeo; these T - shirts are perfect for the all Americana look.

About Wrangler

We all may know of the name Wrangler, but do we know this much?

A wrangler in North America normally refers to someone who herds or handles animals.

The word wrangler seems to come from the Low German “wrangeln,” which means ‘to wrestle’. For this reason, the term has also been applied to people who debate.

As for jeans, well, Wrangler dates back to the 1890’s when a 20-year-old man from Tennessee by the name of C.C. Hudson left his state in search for work.

After the closure of the textile factory in which he worked, C.C. Hudson launched an overall-manufacturing company right about the beginning of the 20th century.

By 1943, the name of Hudson’s company became Wrangler, which produced good ole’ fashioned western jeans!

From that point onward, the history of Wrangler has been a bronco-busting, rodeo-riding journey that has lassoed nearly the world!

Check out the tees.

Photos Copyright Wrangler, Courtesy Surgery PR.

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Wrangler Spring Summer 2016: Retro Graphic T-shirts + Wrangler