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Wink, “Your Little Secret,” Now Available for Men!

Wink, the secret slimming shapewear women have been using for strong and durable compression on their garments, is now available for men.

Providing a smooth and even compression, Wink’s Men’s Shapewear, created of patented fabrics, are anti-microbial; engineered to provide the perfect balance of power and stretch in all directions with unprecedented slimming power and wearing comfort; promotes blood flow and helps boost energy levels up 20 22% in males; improves lymphatic drainage; and keeps you cool and dry all day.

With a background in medical products and a degree in marketing, mother of 3, Alicia Shaffer was inspired to create Wink in 2009 to help woman and men everywhere always feel and look fabulous. And, since Wink is so seamless, smooth, and sensual—no one will ever know she OR he is wearing it! Wink—their little secret.

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Wink, “Your Little Secret,” Now Available for Men! + Wink