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Serum Versus Venon: Urbaneering Street

Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) was created in 2003 as a long-term study into the collision of craft and utility, focused on creating a new luxury.

We proudly stand in opposition of mass-marketed, mass-produced, mass-consumed fashion.

Each garment and object we create sits proudly outside the normal boundaries of institutionalized fashion and design.

Serum Venom set out to investigate how to push the limits of a modern workshirt, without compromising its classic appeal.

We focused on combining the attention to detail and strength of military specification garments with the day to day functionality requirements of an urban existence.

Our conclusion is a system of design we refer to as Street/Spec, which combines extreme tactical functionality with everyday comfort.

The Urbaneering Shirt has multiple function pockets, reinforced cuffs, lower placket tab closures, heavy duty under arm vents, rear hidden hang strap, reinforced front placket strap loops, authentic vintage metal work wear button, side tension stash pocket and reinforced universal internal seams.

Serum Venom adheres to no seasonal fashion calendar and develops no traditional garment collections—believing these systems are out dated and produce waste. Instead, we focus on continually developing and improving our designs.

Each week we will be debuting original designs or extreme modifications and improvements to existing designs.

Our goal is to develop a truly better product, not just something new. See the line.

Photos & text Copyright Serum Versus Venom.

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