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Onassis Clothing—Fitted, Fashionable & Fabulous

Today I received from Onassis Clothing an Oxford button-down collar shirt in a delicate cantaloupe color.

Perfectly washed, the 100% cotton woven fabric is both comfortable and fitted to the contours of my swimmer’s body—a rare find!

The Oxford is also graced with unique anchor-stitched Onassis buttons, which have been crafted by the oldest button maker in Japan.

I truly love this shirt, and, based on the quality, I can look forward to years of use.

As I clicked through the Onassis website, I discovered many additional fitted trends for the guy who seeks comfort and fit.

About Onassis

Onassis has design teams in New York and Tokyo, who, each season search the globe for inspiration. The flagship store is located at 71 Greene Street in SoHo.

If you cannot make the trek to SoHo, defintely check out the online store at http://www.ona-ssis.com/shop.

Photos Copyright Onassis.

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Onassis Clothing—Fitted, Fashionable & Fabulous + Shigay Tajima