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Introducing Tie Trader

We were working at a large Wall Street firm when the recent Global Financial Crisis struck. As you might guess, the combination of bank bailouts, fat cat bonuses and dwindling 401K accounts meant we were not the most popular guys around at the time. In order to rebuild our business we needed to stand out from the herd. Par t of this involved projecting the right image. In other words, we had to look good.

We soon discovered that a few well-chosen accessories didn’t just add to our suits, they made the outfit. A great t ie helped us to project that cool, calm and confident look we were striving for. But it was difficult finding such ties and accessories at the right pr ice. We were disappointed with what was on offer and we knew we could do better. The result is Tie Trader, a company guided by 3 simple principles: quality, design, and value.

Our products combine the spirit of Wall Street with top quality and great design. All Tie Trader t ies are made from the highest quality silk and are designed so as to be both modern and timeless. They all come in our signature beech wood-hued box. Don’t throw it out, it’s the perfect place to store your t ie the right way - rolled, not hung (so as to avoid creases). And yes, that is the bull and the bear in our logo, old symbols of Wall Street, traders, markets and the economy.

Tie Trader is all about drive, success and looking good enough to earn that ridiculously huge bonus. So put on one of our power t ies and embrace your inner CEO. Add in some cuff links to seal the deal. And get all this at a faircost. After all, as value investors, we believe the secret to a good investment is buying at the right pr ice. So let us do our bit to help you get the confidence that comes from being “in the money”.

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Introducing Tie Trader + US fashion designers