Warola Fashion + René Gurskov

“Go Wild in the Country” with Rene Gurskov

The darker side of Laura Ingalls as a boy.

Traditional Amish handicraft meets urban trash.
Where snakes are absolutely free!

The wild little girl of west translated into a modern boy.

The contrast of well behaving and going crazy.

Pretty traditional clothing trashed by a fight in the mud.

Mama’s homemade coat of many colours.

Dad’s handyman belt as a skirt.

Gender bending the beautiful countryside.

The songs of bow wow wow.

The “go wild” collection explorers the contrasts of yesterdays living and modern Buzz.

Is the countryside still alive and creating?

The collection has a puffed cozy side and a harder trashed urban side.

In the right mix – this country boy looks both cool and cute.

Check out the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Rene Gurskov.

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“Go Wild in the Country” with Rene Gurskov + René Gurskov