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Corino Coxxxano Spring/Summer 2016

Wellness Begins with What One Wears Underneath

Compelling designs and exquisite fabrics enrich the Berlin company’s demanding underwear scene.

The new image campaign was orchestrated by the famous American underwear model Barrett Pall and Sex and the City’s renown model, Markus Zierke.

Besides the quality of the three new collections—Haute Sculpture, Color Couture, and Water Couture—the brand pays special attention to unique, visual highlights.

The Coxxxano Haute Sculpture series—in classic white, black and gray—fits any occasion and comes in the form of pants and panties.

The collection Coxxxano Couture Colour, however, is inspired by the fresh colors of summer and enriches the underwear segment with vibrant color accents.

The trunks of the Coxxxano Water Couture line are mainly contrasted, keeping a tight-fitting two-tone pattern and fit, exuding a sporty look.

The swim shorts, by contrast, make their fresh floral print on a longer-cut style for certain nonchalance.

Corino Coxxxano appeals to a broad, open-minded audience of nearly all ages—but remains individual and mainstream at the same time.

Have a look at the sexy models.

Photos & text Copyright Coxxxano.

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Corino Coxxxano Spring/Summer 2016 + Men's Fashion