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Barboni di Lusso—Luxury Bumbs from Italy!

According to a Latin motto, to be a street person is a choice—and such a choice is the mission of Barboni di Lusso.

Barboni di Lusso, literally “Street People of Luxury,” is the brand for the man who distinguishes himself by being one of a kind—unique.

The Barboni di Lusso kind-of-guy is not afraid to subject himself to prejudice, taking on a life of freedom outside every sort of slavery imposed by the dicats of fashion.

Barboni di Lusso is the brainchild of Paolo Atti, who at a university conference on marketing showed up in a white t-shirt with the words “street people of luxury,” which were written with a brush.

The attention that was attracted by that simple tee led Paolo to launch his brand “Barboni di Lusso.”

Now, Barboni di Lusso offers a “total look” with shirts, plants, and accessories but always in the style of the street bumb!

For spring/summer 2016, Barboni di Lusso offers a choice of life: a luxury that stems from an expressive character definted by sporty posh!

See the 2016 spring/summer collection.

Photos Copyright Barboni di Lusso, Courstesy S2B.

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Barboni di Lusso—Luxury Bumbs from Italy! + Paolo Atti