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Antony Morato 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection

Like air modeling masses its friction with the bodies creates new lives, new feelings, new emotions. These are simply unique shapes of continuity in space.

About Antony Morato

Born in 2007, Essedi s.p.a. is the result of a 30-years experience in Fashion.

Antony Morato is a brand that states the vision of a changing market, in which the need to tell a life style is prioritari than the whims of an unconditioned “being trendy”.

To this new generation of consumers (our target is made above all of males between 18 and 35) the company offers a knowhow inherited from the main griffes of the Italian History, faithfully opening the doors to a “new luxury era” in which the quality/price ratio represents the main attraction in the customers’ eyes.

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Photos & text Copyright Antony Morato.

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Antony Morato 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection + Tania Caldarelli