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Swiss Chriss Jackets: Protection, Softness, Warmth

The new Swiss-Chriss collection combines materials created ad hoc with innovative, technological contents, with models with a natural, snug shape, comfortable, essential and practical, with great thought given to aesthetics.

The special newly-conceived thermal-comfort fabric, mostly composed of wool, gives elasticity and thermal protection to the garments, making them more attractive (since it embraces and follows the body in its movements) and practicality (thanks to the elasticity of the fabric) and guarantees that it has a “true” function since it gives much greater protection from the cold than a “normal” wool.

Jackets with a timeless line, in which the distances between urban, sports and formal styles seem to disappear finding synthesis in unique models in which artisan skill, technology, and nature speak to each other.

Snug and warm, extremely pleasant to wear. Check out more jackets on the Swiss Chriss website.

Photos & text Copyright Swiss Chriss.

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