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In addition to acting, songwriting, and broadcasting, Joe Strummer was rhythmic guitarist and lead vocalist of the renowned British rock band, the Clash.

Son to a Foreign Service diplomat, Joe was born 1952 in Ankara, Turkey, going on to live in Egypt, Mexico, and Germany.

Eventually Joe moved to London where he studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Growing up with a passion for rock music, Joe relocated to Wales where he encountered college musicians and became vocalist and guitarist for assorted groups.

When he returned to London, he formed another band with friends called the 101ers, named after their flat address.

When Joe joined others to form the Clash in 1976, his music took on a political and social battle in fighting racism, Nazism, militarism, and social decay.

Joe Strummer soon went on to become one of the icons of British punk.

After his death in 2002, Joe’s friends and family set up a charity called Strummerville, which assists aspiring musicians—their mission is to change the world through music.

Strummerville offers a cool line of t-shirts, polos and more, all of which feature the original artifacts from Joe Strummer’s personal belongings.

Each design is limited to 101 shirts in four sizes—hence, collector’s items for Joe’s fans.

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