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“Storm in the Desert” by I Still Believe in Miracles

“Storm in the Desert” is a documentary film produced by New Zealand label, I Still Believe in Miracles (ISBIM) and outlines the 2016 spring/summer collection presented at the recent New Zealand Fashion Week.

Tailored but loose-fitting items accented by Roman sandals characterize the Sahara desert-inspired collection.

Multi-cultural influenced, ISBIM was launched 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand, by Joshua Jang, who is also a DJ and musician.

The 2016 spring/summer collection was injected by the creativity of Joseph Mow and Heather Rutherford, who explains that the collection is the start of a design journey.

See the collection.

ISBIM 2016~12 S/S Collection show behind the scene at NZ fashion Festival from ISBIM on Vimeo.

Photos Copyright ISBIM.

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