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Scapa Spring/Summer 2016 “Sky and Sand”

A sense of recklessness, a sense of “dolce far niente,” [‘careless idleness’] the ballad on a pristine beach, a pier or along the water.... It’s the atmosphere evoked by this segment of the collection Scapa.

Natural colors (like white and beige) are embellished with blue buttons. About the styling, we have opted here for simplicity and romance. Linen, washed and/or coarser weaving offers a “rustic” aspect to have a summer fabric of choice….

For men, this theme also favors the prewashed, rustic linen fabrics. The Bermuda patch pockets, summer plaid madras jackets (also pockets) and patterned shirts with printed palms created exclusively for Scapa characterize the masculine look of this season.

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