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Scapa Spring/Summer 2016 “Big Blue”

The Big Blue revisited. A blazing sun at its zenith. Vertical solar rays are hitting the surface of steel blue water…

Here Scapa was inspired to create one of the segments of its summer collection. The graphics are clean lines and the main colors are white, navy blue, and bright blue indigo.

The men also opt for a stripped graphic styling with striped shirts, patterns like Prince of Wales, linen-cotton blends or typically summer materials, such as the “seersucker” (Waffle).

The code word is “sartoria estiva”: a wardrobe made according to the rules of the art of tailoring but with a breath of nonchalant indifference.

The sleek and stylish unlined and unstructured jackets are achieved through the technical acumen and high standards of Scapa.

Check out the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Scapa.

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