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Sandor Lakatos – Fetish and Elegance

Sandor Lakatos is a men’s wear creator, fashion designer and concept improver, someone proud of his knowledge and the unique family heritage in his profession.

The key of his confidence in making his ideas a reality is his solid professional background and knowledge.

A traditional suit to be worn by a minister, a manager, a lawyer, or exclusive ones for a rock star, a business man, a media or entertainment guru shows special elegance of high-fashion style and quality materials reflected by each piece of him making his works unique and unmistakable.

Since the brand Sandor Lakatos was born in 2005, the young creator has achieved great success exhibiting in showrooms in London, being subject of several photo shoots in New York.

In his latest editions a futuristic black and white geometry replaces the androgen elements, but the lovers of the brand receive what they got used to during the course of the previous years: long-lasting and ageless male fashion.

This way his creations may attract men enjoying detailed, modern, but still classical lines at the same time; dedicated to wear quality products, high-end creations.

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Photos & text 2016 autumn/winter collection, Copyright Sandor Lakatos.

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