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Inspired Clothing Co. Spring/Summer 2016

Inspiration and genius–one and the same

Inspired is an artisan brand crafted for men and women that profiles the work of artists, designers, photographers, and stylists—iconic, both established and new.

Inspired seeks to create garments that are fresh and exciting, drawing inspiration from the visual arts and the music scene.

Dark side of the Moon—forever ingrained in album artwork folklore—Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd have been subjects of eminence for seminal graphic designer Storm Thorgerson and iconic rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky, the first of a carefully curated roster of artists that Inspired will be presenting.

Working directly with such artists whose work Inspired features, the aim is to maintain the integrity of the original intention and so give the designs a new sense of purpose and dynamism.

By definition Inspired will change and evolve each season as new artists are brought into the fold.

“Every era, like every person, has its own personality. With hindsight we can understand the personality of any given era…what it did right…where it went wrong…and the people, the artists, those who, for better or worse Inspired it. We are the product of our times.”

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Photos & text Copyright Inspired Clothing Co., Courtesy Sane Communications.

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