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Hyakinth by Jacek Kłosiński: Childhood Inspiration

Recently, Polish designer Jacek Kłosiński sent me his 2016 autumn/winter look book with a brief explanation of the inspiration:

“An archival picture from my preschool was the first inspiration to create this collection, in which I try to answer a question what has grown out of young boys. Children can see and sense the mysteries of the world, things hidden from the eyes of adults, because of the freshness of their view. In this sense, my collection is a symbolic, the lost Arcadia, where probably we will never can back. In this collection I refer to the past, perceive the world through the eyes of the child, so reality is deformed, as in dreams and fairy tales, where people have the ability to transform into various characters and nothing is so obvious.”

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Hyakinth.

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