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Happy National Underwear Day! By Fresh Pair

Freshpair’s 9th annual holiday dedicated to underwear appreciation!

Did you notice your free undies have an EXPIRATION DATE?

A recent Freshpair poll showed that 73% of Americans wear stained, overstretched, hole-y underwear that has passed the expiration date. This year we’re putting a stop to that.

What IS National Underwear Day?

National Underwear Day is an annual holiday dedicated to the appreciation of underwear all around the world. Think about it: Fashion is always in the media. People focus so much on what they wear on the outside, that they forget about what’s on the inside. Freshpair has always said, “The right pair of underwear or panties can make you feel great!” and National Underwear Day gives us a special chance to get that message out loud and clear.

It all started in 2001 when an army of Freshpair models, dressed only in their underwear, took over Times Square and collected signatures advocating a day of underwear appreciation. Since then, we’ve done everything from star-studded underwear fashion shows to record breaking giveaways. The response every year is huge and comes from people from all over the world.

THIS year, instead of keeping all the fun in New York City, we want to celebrate National Underwear Day with the whole country so we’re giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear for free!

From the hottest men’s and women’s brands, including Calvin Klein, Wacoal, 2(x)ist, Bali, C-IN2, Go Softwear, Papi, b.tempt’d, Barely There, Clever, Natori, Le Mystere, Cocksox, Hanes, Vanity Fair, Elle Macpherson, Maidenform and Josie by Natori.


We learned from a recent Freshpair poll that 73% of Americans wear stained, overstretched, hole-y underwear that has passed its expiration date. They think just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter how it looks. But we know that’s not true. When you see yourself in a new pair of underwear in the right fit for you, you instantly feel better. So our solution to the problem is to give fresh pairs to as many people as we can!

How do you win a free pair of underwear?

Just go to Freshpair.com from August 1-31st and enter the contest by choosing the style of underwear or panty you want. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! It’s a great way to try a new style you’ve always wanted! The lucky winners will be drawn by September 19th.

In addition to the huge giveaway, some of our top brands will be on sale from August 1-15, including Gregg Homme, Assets, Equmen, Carnival, Obviously, Joe Snyder, Lunaire, Sculptees, Good Devil, Intymen, Magic Silk, Ed Hardy, Bumgear, Mansilk, Glamorise and Male Power.

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