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Eastie Autumn/Winter 2016

Eastie welcomes you to their world of tailoring for the journeymen and gentlemen of the modern world.

Travel, ambition and the desire to look your best are all prominent factors at the forefront of the mind of the fashion conscious modern male.

So Eastie, a brand embracing the Eastern Frontier and infusing it with a Western appropriation of heritage styles reminiscent of Colonial India and the British Raj, have successfully produced an iconic collection with contemporary features and a clean fit.

Refined taste and a penchant for the finer things in life is the aesthetic behind the collection.

This is represented in the quality of the materials utilized in the construction of the garments, ranging from the finest Indian denim to the best linen available.

The attention to detail and the tailoring of the pieces is indicative of what Eastie represents.

The collection features shirts, blazers, trousers and polo’s all tailored to provide a proper fit, a civilized finish and comfort like no other.

Taking influence from the British Army of WWI and the common working man at the turn of the century Eastie has aimed to produce durable work wear that truly will stand the test of time.

This collection pays homage to, and celebrates the fashion and the lifestyle of days gone by whilst adapting it to suit the fashionable man of the civilized modern world.

Photos & text Copyright Eastie.

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