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Day Spring/Summer 2016

Menswear this season is putting emphasis on the DAY Men’s informal look, unconstrained and free spirited style.

The focus is on the washed and rugged looks. The items fit perfectly together because of their similar attitude, which allows one to create one’s own look by fusing the casual styles and fabrics together with the more sophisticated tailored looks.

The inspiration for this season stemmed from Havana. The idea of the nonchalant, unpretentious lifestyle is in sync with the modern DAY Man.

The collection portrays two distinctive color stories inspired by Havana city´s worn out but very charming walls and tiles.
One is a base of blues and soft teals grounded by black and grey with ‘’Niagara‘’ as a pop color.
The other is a warmer
palette of earth toned colors grounded by Navy and with ‘’ red Sky ‘’ as the pop color.

Key items for this season are casual jackets in leather, canvas or sporty nylon. Washed knits and raw edge jersey for a denim friendly look.

Have a look at the entire collection.

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