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Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2016

I am always excited to report on brand names from my old stomping grounds, the city of Naples, Italy.

On return visits to family, I always pop my head in the local menswear stores—both old and new. One store that has appeared since my departure is Antony Morato.

Syblings Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli launched Essedi in 2007 to pioneer the label Antony Morato—a trendy line of “total look” whose target is 18 to 35-year-old men.

I have enjoyed visiting the Antony Morato stores each year as the label has grown and expanded, even being mentioned in the global press in such a short time.

Just last month, Antony Morato has opened three new stores, two of which are overseas.

Typical of Naples, the 2016 spring/summer is ‘transgressive’ in look, feel, and approach; that is, seductive, anti-conformist, and very cool.

Moreover, each garment—whether shirt, pants, jacket, or tee—is modeled and sculptured to the male body, communicating a strong, anti-conformist message.

See the collection.

Photos Copyright Antony Morato.

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