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Won Hundred 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection “Falling Apart”

“Falling Apart” is a nostalgic memory of days gone by, people you once knew, music you once listened to, and a look at the past inspired by the ‘Clean living under difficult circumstances´ attitude of the London Mods.
The mysterious semi-secret worlds of these young Londoners in the early 60’s are a great influence in the Won Hundred AW2011 collection.
“Falling Apart” is about seeking out our own distinctive identity reinforced by nostalgia for yester year; it’s a quest for unique identity, yet overwhelming craving to belong to a particular subculture.
Not being able to find any slim fitted Men’s wear pants that suited the Mods, they had to wear long length knitwear on top to hide the cut.
Through layering in tonal colors the shapes come alive through different structures combined with jersey and heavy knits.
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Photos & text Copyright Won Hundred, Courtesy Sane Communications.

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