Warola Fashion + Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Shadow Project Spring/Summer 2016

The Stone Island Shadow began as a discourse between Sportswear Company owner and creative director Carlo Rivetti and the design team of Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, also known as ACRONYM ®.

A platform for exploration, the Shadow project rapidly evolved into a system based program for a new generation of urban masculine apparel.

With both Stone Island’s incredible historical archive, and its unparalleled forward development resources as a starting point, ACRONYM® sought to conceive a project according to their strong technical and performance based roots. The result is a unique and unprecedented fusion.

A fresh and intelligent new light cast upon the timeless interplay of form and function.

Calling the project SHADOW underlines the intimate relationship and interaction between this work and the full body of the STONE ISLAND collection.

Have a look at the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Stone Island.

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