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Cropp Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

A new marketing campaign from Cropp, which continues the brand’s last year’s actions under the name of ‘No Damage, No Funky’, began at the beginning of March. The campaign, except for its known heroes, Dr. Damage and Mr. Fun, was enriched with a few new extraordinary characters: a cosmic washing machine and a mysterious virus.

In the new campaign, the main characters from Cropp, naughty Dr. Damage and clumsy Mr. Fun, are accompanied by Angela, known from the Top Model program, and Nicole Rosłaniec.

The whole story is centered on a laundromat in the suburbs of London where the characters meet. They become the ‘Funky Family’ and the plot involves a mysterious virus that came to the earth. ‘We added a funky, colorful climate and the photographic session was shot on Polaroids.

Among the characters of the session, there are also Duchess Bernadette von Laundrette and Samuel Mirakle Jones and some animals: a penguin, an alligator, dogs, and a cat. The idea of a funky laundry was born within the Cropp team, says Marta Ożóg-Orzegowska, the Brand Manager of Cropp.

About Cropp

CROPP is a clothing brand for genuine individuals who manifest their opinions and independence through their clothing.

Today, clothing from Cropp is available in 240 stores in ten European countries. The brand offers collections for young people, clothes distinguished by a modern and inspiring design. Cropp is an urban brand, which matches best in the streets, in clubs; everywhere where young people want to show that they possess style and original ideas to express themselves.

Street Wear is a line for young men who value their freedom. It involves numerous references to the world of culture and sport.

Style Selector is a line for special collections being prepared in cooperation with various artists and designers.

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