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Selected Homme Spring/Summer 2016

The brand Selected Homme is represented by two strong lines: Selected Homme and Selected Jeans.

Selected Homme is the exclusive line grounded in the classic art of tailoring. The lines vary from a formal business look to a trendy expression.


Elegant with an edge. The classic look is combined with modern details to create a personal style. The expression is sophisticated and bold – for the man who goes for a striking take on the classic look.


Cool business. The collection is exclusive and represents the classic business expression. Elegant and masculine in a well dressed and traditional way—for the choosy man who uses the suit as a professional attitude.

Selected Jeans is the casual line of the brand. The style is laid-back and various from an understated sporty expression to a raw image.


Raw attitude. Forget everything about looking nice. The style is relaxed and raw—masculine in the random way —for the guy who deliberately goes for the messy rock image.


Classic casual. Relaxed in a cool way. The expression exudes an understated attitude, a nice and well balanced man who knows how to look well dressed, yet relaxed.

About Selected

Selected is part of Bestseller, a family-owned clothing company founded in Denmark in 1975.

The Selected brand was launched in 1997 for the menswear market and the presence of the brand in 25 countries around the world reveals the strong foothold Selected has gained on the market.

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