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Zen Moments by Szen

There are some special things which manage to belong to us instinctively, especially when they derive from authentic manual skills, which we recognize naturally.

Szen was created to support this spirit through delicate and tenuous collections—a range characterised by soft, warm colours which give the models a “used” flavour.

Merit of the manual technique with which the artisans measure out, after numerous experiments and tests, the intensity and blend of the colour shades to be printed separately on both sides of the garment when it is still just cross stitched, i.e. just stitched on the shoulders.

The different colours on both sides blend partially to create two new, uneven colours.

All of this makes it possible to reverse each top making it unique and perfect for creating combinations beyond any trend or seasonal fashion.

Have a peek at the 2016 spring/summer collection.
Photos & text Szen.

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