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Road Menswear: On the Road to Charity

ROAD ties fashion and social responsibility together with its latest clothing collection, how two brothers are going back to their roots and paying tribute to early beginnings.

Seattle, WA February 2016 - Seattle based apparel company ROAD announced plans to donate a portion of the profits generated from its new Limited Edition Madras Collection 2016 to Anbalayam, an Indian charity dedicated to bringing education to the disadvantaged. In celebration of its 5 year anniversary, the men’s specialty boutique is giving back to the very region that was the inspiration for the collection, and where the beloved Madras plaid fabric first originated. The collection will be available in ROAD stores, as well as online beginning April, 2016.

ROAD designers were inspired by the rich history of Madras fabric and the wonderful work that the Anbalayam charity has done, and saw this as an opportunity to come up with a vibrant collection that celebrates both. The special features of this Limited Edition Madras Collection 2016 include chambray fabric piecing, as well as other unique trim details. This is a Limited Edition collection, with each piece numbered and identified by ROAD’s Heart of Fashion logo, a red stitched heart. The hand-woven fabrics feature incredible breathability, vibrant colors and lightweight touch.

The goal of Anbalayam is to enable children and young adults by providing them with a positive home and proper education, so that they can live a prosperous and productive life beyond this charitable institution. Currently there are 63 males, ranging from 6 to 20 years old, living in the home. Students are either orphans or semi-orphans who fall below the poverty line. To date, all students have successfully moved out of Anbalayam upon graduation. The charity, founded in 2003, has remained open with the help of local sponsors within the community.

Today however, Anbalayam is struggling to provide students with the basic necessities and relies heavily upon donors to make ends meet. ROAD’s contributions will help improve the quality of life for students by ensuring they have adequate nutrition, bedding and clothing, as well as covering tuition costs for students entering the college level. Anyone who purchases an item from the Limited Edition Madras Collection 2016 will help raise funds for Anbalayam.

“I wear ROAD because the clothes make me feel younger than I am, and because I don’t know of any other men’s boutique that offers such unique, high-quality clothing that is versatile enough to fit my lifestyle. ROAD understands that it’s not just about offering great products, but also sees the importance of giving back. This Madras fundraiser is a phenomenal way to get some great clothes and also help a community in need,” says Tom Hedges, President of the Washington based winery, Hedges Family Estate.

Madras fabric originated in Southeast India and has been found in archeological sites dating back to 3000 B.C. It is believed that the familiar classic check (or plaid) pattern was created in the 18th century, when local hand weavers were inspired by the tartan patterns worn by the Scottish regiments that occupied India during this time. Since then, the region has continued to produce their highly acclaimed Madras fabric by using virtually the same basic techniques. Today it is the staple for the American classic wardrobe and major designers, such as Ralph Lauren, use it season after season to capture the preppy look.

ROAD owners Raj Shah and Akhil Shah began their journey in the apparel industry over 35 years ago after having traveled to Southeast India and discovering the region’s beautiful fabrics. Southeast India is recognized throughout the world for having magnificent textiles, and it is also home of the Anbalayam charity. The brothers have come a long way since their first undertakings in the apparel industry, and their success has been largely based upon their commitment to achieve excellence through hard work and determination. They bring this same level of enthusiasm to supporting the Madras fundraiser, which will enrich the lives of others halfway across the world.

“My brother and I learned that doing business in India is personal. People take you into their homes and offer you tea and ask you how you’re doing. It’s built on trust and personal relationships. We have tried to embody this in our company today. Circling back to our roots and supporting the community that inspired us in the first place is a chance for self-renewal, but more importantly, to show our gratitude.” says CEO of ROAD Raj Shah.

The Limited Edition Madras Collection 2016 will be available to purchase at the Seattle and Bellevue ROAD stores, as well as online at www.roadapparel.com. The collection consists of shorts, shirts, a jacket, bag, belt and hat, all of which were designed using genuine Madras plaid. Retail prices range from $38-$148. Samples are available upon request, for press only.

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