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Lubiam, Celebrating 100 Years of Charm

Italian luxury label LUBIAM continues to be the epitome of elegance after nearly 100 years, through deep-rooted values accompanied with a knack for innovation.

The LUBIAM label, started by Luigi Bianchi in 1911, is the oldest fashion label that is still owned by the family that created it.

From the beginning, LUBIAM has stuck to the values of commitment and quality. The superior craftsmanship comes from the hands of tailors that have often been with the company their entire lives.

While holding on to these deeply rooted values, Luigi Bianchi also held a vision of innovation, which is what has allowed his company to persist.

The fourth generation of the label continues to be open to change and is constantly reinterpreting the market as they evolve.

While innovative materials and designs give LUBIAM its public charm, the internal values hold the company together.

At the time of its inception, the company acquired the name of the city from where it began, and where it remains today: Mantova.

Today, this city is known for having some of the highest quality, of life in Italy. This characteristic is in sync with family-friendly values LUBIAM holds.

Their policies promote a work-life balance that LUBIAM believes ensures exceptional work quality and production levels.

Given its success around the world, the company is sure to continue their traditions for generations to come.

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Photos & text 2016 Sring/Summer collection, Copyright Lubiam, Courtesy CristianoMagni Public Relations.

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