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“Walking the Line” with Jimmy Choo & Mr. Porter

Jimmy Choo Launches a Short Film in Collaboration with Mr. Porter

Jimmy Choo are delighted to announce that Men’s Autumn/ Winter 2016 collection is now available to purchase.

To celebrate, Jimmy Choo has collaborated with MrPorter.com to create “Walking the Line” – a short film shot in New York City and featuring key styles from autumn/winter 2016 Collection.
The short film follows a man who takes risks in life by “Walking the Line”.

Shot in New York City the Jimmy Choo man will be seen walking many of the City’s eclectic linear elements, such as a crosswalk, the Brooklyn Bridge and the edge of a reflecting pool, all the while conveying a sense of impeccable style, masculinity and the perfect balance between classicism and Rock ‘n’ Roll style.

“I am thrilled to introduce men’s shoes to the Jimmy Choo world. My vision of the Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker. The first thing I look at on a man is his shoes.” - Tamara Mellon, OBE Founder and Chief Creative Officer

In addition to the jimmychoo.com and mrporter.com websites, the Jimmy Choo men’s shoes will be launched exclusively in a selective distribution of the most influential men’s specialty and department stores in the world.

See the shoes.

Photos & text Copyright Jimmy Choo.

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