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Two More Collections by Ecko

Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Spring/Summer Collection 2016

The year 2016 starts with the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew (MEC & S.) collection, which is based on such an intangible aesthetic that the importance of brand virtually defines its purpose.

Before choosing the color palette, the manufacturing process, or the decorations, the methodology was adopted and based on the creations.

ECKO Unlimited Spring/Summer Collection 2016

Alongside the 2016 spring/summer collection comes Ecko Unlimited. Its sense of tradition is proven through a remix from the best of the past few seasons, serving to create the classics of tomorrow.

The brand maintains the bold graphic designs and design elements, which are used as a vehicle for art and creativity to help express rather than simply rely on decorative ornaments.

Exercise is the most important part of this aesthetic and progress in Ecko Unltd. The development of the digital world plays an important role in the progress.

In terms of texture and design, the Ecko Unlimited elements are taken back to the beginnings of the brand and transported to the future.

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Photos 1-3 MEC & S. Copyright Ecko, Courtesy Styleheads.
Photos 4-6 Ecko Unltd. Copyright Ecko, Courtesy Styleheads.

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