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The Individualists Autumn/Winter 2016 “The Sound of Silence”

“The Sound of Silence” is a poetic interpretation of a man’s life. Focusing on the turbulent emotions he feels while growing up. Intending to remind us the evolution of a human being from its birth to death, the construction of the collection and its shape emphasize the man’s body and its movement.

It applies to pants with curved shapes, around the body-turning knitwear or precisely placed cutouts on a jacket sleeve to accent the articulation and make movement more natural.

The melancholic note of the collection comes from the sober color palette by using a strong and deep black intermingling with desaturated shades, washed out blue tones and contrasting with taupe and grey.

The signature proportions – a perfect balance between tailoring and a slightly grungy look – is particularly expressed with this collection.

Have a look at the collection.

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