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Sjaak Hullekes Autumn/Winter 2016-2012

A first trip to a city which is unknown to you will bring you, as a visitor, new inspiration. You are able to see specific things which a local does not see anymore. A bright and naive look at the metropolis will reveal the city in its purest way of being as you have never seen before. The allies all locals are familiar with since they live in the city; the birds sitting in front of many windows; the blades of grass in-between the old paving stones or many other things can be seen as annoying or worse to the locals, but those things will be new and fresh to you and makes you feel like a newborn child again.

Hullekes always tries to remember the beauty of every detail in daily life; he gained the ability of looking with a kind of naiveté as if something new and unseen occurs. Hullekes strongly believes in details, admiring the small things in life brings him the passion of living in today’s world. This love for details is always an element in his designs.

Sjaak Hullekes clothing will never shout down the inner you, it is for carrying out who you are and will never overshadow your own character. It will slightly underline the characteristic details of you. Wearers of Sjaak Hullekes appreciate the significant value of details in their lives, as it does to Hullekes, but also in fashion and their surroundings.

Hullekes latest Autumn/Winter collection is focused on this feeling more than ever. This collection will show that beauty is not the equivalent of new. Hullekes will show you the beauty within all you already knew. The collection stands for the right combination in detailing, fabrics, colors and craftsmanship. It visualizes finishing’s on the outside which are expected to be on the inside.

Facing the beauty of the inside which is as beautiful as the outside. This makes all detailing only known by its wearer, visible every time he dresses himself. Natural colors as brown, off-white, blue, camel, pale-blue, grey and green are used to underline the importance of nature in life. Nature always has been part of our world, long before caring about fashion. Nature is all about detailing; it is the essential of all the visible on Earth. This is why Hullekes has chosen the nature as his inspiration for the latest collection color pallet.

Mainly using fabrics of high quality wools and cottons Hullekes shows the importance of basics in life. He enjoys the many ways these two materials can be produced and used. The differences in weaving, knitting and coloring distinguish fabrics, even consisting of the same fibers. Sjaak Hullekes believes this is what life and especially the Autumn/Winter of 2016 is all about, the small differences which make a person unique.

The latest Sjaak Hullekes collection is one consisting of all essentials of a man’s wardrobe. A broad variation of shirts, blazers, jackets, coats, polo’s, cardigans and trousers makes this collection one to be suitable for many men. Men who are passionate about the fine and fluent nuances in our modern society.

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Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.

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