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René Gurskov “The Line of Beauty” Spring/Summer 2016

“Fiercely intelligent with a first from Oxford and a passion for Henry James, he is seduced by the beautiful things and people that he encounters through the glamorous Fedden family. As he increases in confidence, Nick becomes a self-assured and charming player in this new world of privilege”

From the novel by Alan Hollinghurst adapted for television by BBC, inspired from the endless costume dramas from BBC—all about love, class, money and sex! And being well dressed in all decades—even the eighties look smart.

Can one create a man’s collection based on romantic drama? It is the ever returning discussion how dressed up can a man be and still be some kind of a man. Even today, men seem to be most comfortable in some kind of uniform.

The blogger boys in their black tights, hoodie and huge designer bags and the rock stars in skinny jeans and leatherjackets and a mega attitude. Even I have my uniform—hundreds of caps and designers sneaks!

For spring/summer 2016, René Gurskov tries to soften up the man’s wardrobe with pastel colors in doodle patterns, fringes and lace, little boys school uniforms, and a kind of disco version of sportswear.

Who talks about taste—when we work in the line of beauty!

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